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Julene Stassou is a registered dietitian who believes that, "What we put into our bodies can determine how we function, feel and look."

Julene has a master's degree in nutrition education from Columbia University, and is clinically trained in all areas of food and healthy eating. "Eating is a way of nurturing the body," Julene says of the message she tries to convey. "The old saying 'we are what we eat' is 100 percent true. While we are predisposed to certain diseases, nutrition plays a vital role in preventative medicine."

To Julene, food isn't just fuel; it's a means by which we can maintain our overall health. Catering to a range of clients in Bergen County, she tailors each meeting to meet the person's wellness wishes, and says, "Every session is unique and based on the individual, his or her needs and goals."

While Julene certainly hopes to motivate her clients to move toward a life of better health, she says that her patients also motivate her. "They are what keep me going," she says. "That, and the studies that show that what I do really makes a difference."

While Julene's primary role is that of a health care provider, she ultimately offers her patients so much more than facts and a plan. She brings a culinary background, and also, her heart and soul. "My passion goes beyond wanting to be healthy," Julene says. "It is a deep desire to help people reach their goals. It is the satisfaction I get when I see my patients succeed in whatever it is they came to me to do. I am a dietitian for one reason—because I love the field and how I can make a difference for people".

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