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No matter what your goal is, you will receive:


  • A customized plan that works with your lifestyle. Julene takes a thorough history and provides you with an individualized plan that takes into consideration everything from what you like, can afford and have access to.
  • Nutrition education that pertains to you. Everybody is different. We recognize and embrace this, and make sure we provide you with the information relevant to you.
  • Support and accountability. Julene holds your hand (and gives it a little squeeze when you need it.) You will have access to your dietitian via phone text and email in between appointments. She will keep you on track when you’re deciding between products at the grocery store, perusing a restaurant’s menu or attending your next party. You don’t have to do this alone. Julene's support is a powerful tool to help you stay motivated.



ALL Registered Dietitians ARE nutritionists, however a Nutritionist is NOT a Registered Dietitian



The World's Most





A comprehensive customizable weight loss program designed
to fit your personality, commitment level, and goals.


An internet-based analysis tool that recommends a customized nutritional supplementation program to improve quality of life.

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